Training Calender


  Training Calender 2018 (January / February)

Programs Dates Location Trainer
Managing Safety and Health 13th -14th Jan (2 Days )


Mr. Bibin
Train The Trainer 20th -22nd Jan (3 Days) Bangalore Mr. Tarun Ahuja
Leadership Skills 21st Jan (1 Day) Chennai Mr. Akbar
Train The Trainer 27th - 29th Jan (3 Days) Bangalore Mr. Tarun Ahuja
Managing Safety and Health 27th - 28th Jan (2 Days) Kochi Mr. Bibin
Safety & Health 28th Jan (1 Day) Kochi Mr. Bibin
Parental Coaching 28th Jan (1 Day) Bangalore Mrs. Vijaya
Grooming & Ettiquette at Workplace 30th Jan (1 Day) New Delhi/NCR Ms. Pooja Gupta
Sales Training 3rd - 4th Feb 2017 Bangalore Mr. Tarun Ahuja
Effective communication 4th Feb (1 Day) Chennai Mr. Akbar
Managing Safety and Health 10th - 11th Feb (2 Days) Kochi Mr. Bibin
Leadership Skills 11th Feb (1 Days) Bangalore Mr. Tarun Ahuja
Advance Master Trainer 15th - 24th Feb (10 Days) Goa (Residential) Mr. Tarun Ahuja
Online Business Success 25th Feb (1 Day) Bangalore Mr. Prakash Singh
Soft Skills workshop for Technical Professionals 24th - 25th Feb (2 days) New Delhi/NCR Mr. Mohit
Managing Safety and Health 24th - 25th Feb (2 Days) Kochi Mr. Bibin
Start Up Wizards 24th Feb (1 Day) New Delhi Mr. Sanjay


Participants have been from the following esteemed organisations: