3 Days High Impact Learning

"How to Train Others With Minimum Effort and Get Maximum Results, All You Need to Prepare Trainers For A Successful Training Course Delivery Includes Comprehensive Assessment Resources"

The "Trainer the Trainer" course is suitable for anyone who aims to become better at training. The research on best training methodologies is used in the course both as content (to be taught to delegates) and as the underlying training methodology (to transfer these skills to delegates). This dual approach makes the course much more effective which means it can deliver more content at any given time.

Program Highlights:

  • 4 Step Extraction Process
  • Key Characteristics of Exceptional Trainers
  • Advance Question Handling Skills
  • Public Speaking - Discovering Your Style!
  • Latest Ice-Breaking techniques
  • Magic of Role-Plays & Activities
  • Mastering Voice Modulation and Body Language with Advanced Practice


  • Inspire vs. Lecture
  • Handling "Difficult" Participants
  • Latest Accelerated Learning Techniques to increase pace of Learning
  • Building Rapport with Trainees
  • 3 Circles of Achievement - to bring the best out of your trainees
  • Magic of Mastering Training games and Fun Activities
  • How to use Videos & Psychological Training Music for Maximum Impact
  • Maximize Impact by Delivering a Memorable Presentation
  • How to Become a Human Potential Trainer & Motivator – Achieving


  • Ask the Right Questions and Fully Engage Participants at All Times
  • Convocation Ceremony & Certification