The training sessions were immensely useful for the participants who at the end of the programme, could draw a parallel to the learning’s between their personal and professional lives. This learning, have shown a extremely positive impact to the performances in their respective Customer Service standards wherein the ratings have risen and constant at a score of 97.8% across India in the past 4 years. Would like to give Mr. Tarun Ahuja the credit for making the Team in TT Logistics open their potential and bring about a change in their individual perception to achieve the organizational goals.
Capt. Murugan Chellappa (British Airways)

Your trainings have the 'NORTH STAR' effect. The North Star knows not what he means to travelers but people travel from one continent to another just by its guidance. When guidance is constant, the only variable is success. It only constantly increases. Your training sessions and material have been of immense help in guiding me to conduct business and be inspired to achieve more. The beauty of it is that it is all very simple, practical and can be applied easily to yield tremendous results. It is evident that the training material is all world-class and tremendous effort has been put to ensure that only the best material is distributed. The content has always been very powerful and motivating. When applied these trainings have the power to transform one's life. It has been a fantastic experience that has changed my life to a great extent.
Satyan S. Punjabi - CEO

The training has helped all the people in transforming the ideas, thought process and attitudes towards life. I have myself found the training program to be very useful. It has helped me in many ways especially, the modules on Goal setting, Decision Making and Improving self Image.
Lt.Col. Parbate (Indian Army)

The Program was conducted extremely well and time management was good. All the work outs that we did actually made us think about the shortcomings we have and make a conscious effort to overcome it. The participant manual; is very concise and informative about the basics of presentation skills.
Mr. Sudhir Shenoy (Saint Gobain)

The program was very effective and useful for our day to day functioning. The suggestions given was implementable and actionable.
Mr. Biju R. Naik (Air-tel)

Program was very good specially on soft skills for Presentation /Public speaking. Many aspects which we were not aware, were highlighted and definitely will enable us to improve. Best part of the training was interactive session and working on the very basic of human behavior during presentation. It is very good for youngsters to build the confidence and experienced executives to recollect and rejuvenate the basics.
Mr. Subhasis Nandi (Saint-Gobain)

This program has bee very instrumental in developing skills on how to make effective presentation. At the close of the training, I admit that I am more confident and have overcome most of the fear. Would continue ad excel by repetitive performance. Thanks to Mr. Tarun for taking personal care ad involvement to make this program richer.
Mr. A. Radhakrishna (Air tel)

Yes…truly…your trainings have been very much of help to me…it has inspired me to find the true meaning of life, it has made me clear that only "I" can take charge of my life. It has help me to over come some of the conditions which was put down by my people around me,,, mostly superstitious belief's....it has helped me to know my weakness and identify my strengths and utilize it and frankly speaking I was surprised by your ''mirror effect'' recommendation-- I used to talk to my self in front of the mirror before going to write my exam saying that---" the paper will be very easy and will be able to get 60 to 70 percent" in my weak subject-"mathematics" [which I am very week from childhood] and to my surprise I did very well in the exam and followed the same experiment in my other subjects too--I believe me "it worked"..!!! I am very happy with the kind of help that the training is providing it to me, by making me to cope up with both my profession and personal life..!!!
Manoj (IIPM)

The Training Modules has really helped me in understanding the importance of life n what are the tools to be used to make it more beautiful. It has shown me the path of thinking big and also made me very strong in achieving them. The training has definitely helped me in my career as well as in my personal life.
Lakshmi L. - Businesswoman

I am M Nagaraj, Govt. service, Hyderabad aged 44 years. The trainings are superb. They helped me to visualize, focus, taking action & taking control of life in all aspects i.e., self, family, society, business, finance & health etc., & also to face any sort of problems in life
M. Nagaraj - Hyderabad

This programme is very very valuable asset for not only pensioner, also effective to all people. This programme gives knowledge about value of time, present and management system to all. This programme is foundation stone of success, humility, energy and good leadership.
LU. K. Subramani (Retd.) Indian Army

Thank you very much for your e-mails on the 'Training Modules'. The contents really awake us and give us an encouraging push for a positive approach to any task! The Tips really apply to our day to day life activities and are thought provoking There is definitely a logic behind the points that have been formulated and they are not mere statements I have decided to refer to them till I inherent them !
S. Murari Software Engineer in Multimedia Firm

Dear Tarun, I feel like writing volumes in praise of what was imparted to me ,it was awesome. A whole lifetime is short to express what I have gained from this training. Its the biggest and most precious gift of my life. Thanks and my positive prayers for the best things in life for you. You are Great. I salute you and your training, with a bunch of smiles and gratitude, I remain indebted to you and DC for the rest of my life.
Rakhee Julka. Sales coordinator kirtimeditech

Dear Tarun,It was an out of the world experience to undergo the Peak Performance DC Training program. Each word of this training is so motivating, encouraging, interesting and full of energy that I actually feel like I have got a rebirth. I am a transformed person with a totally different outlook about life and it will take me to my goal and make my dream come true. I wish every individual on Earth could go through DC seminar and I am sure our planet will be a peaceful and much more healthy and happy place to live. Thanks for enlightening my life. training has left me smiling,laughing,focusing and just moving ahead ...not alone, along with others. Its the ultimate experience I have felt in life. Hats off to Tarun Ahuja who trains fantastically and has unparalleled talent to transform lives. Blessed are the ones who attend this training. Its just TOO GOOD. Thanks a ton and a heap of gratitude.
Rakhee Julka

Training with Peak was d best thing to happen as it has helped me change the way I train the trainers. In addition it has changed my outlook towards life as I now look at all events in my life positively.. Wish could undergo more modules..
Cdr Tiji Abraham NIETT Naval Base Kochi 682004

Finally a CERTIFIED CORPORATE TRAINER, completed my training under one of the best trainers this nation has Tarun Ahuja (Corporate Trainer of the Year 2014). Its a pleasure to be trained by a person who is a power house of knowledge a great friend and a true guide. Thank you sir.
CA Karan Punjabi (Enthepreneur)

Fantastic and really useful course. Tarun Ahuja was hilarious. I really enjoyed the three days' session and gained lots of practical insight. The practical tips that Tarun gave me is something I can start with immediately. I was pleased with the course because I learnt how to deliver the training in a right way. Really enjoyable! It was the most useful three days' training I have had since I started working as a trainer. Really relevant to my work. Thank you. Looking forward to start my career as a entrepreneur trainer and wish to start the same with the support of Peak Performance Trainings.
Shreyas Vijay Shankar

Firstly, I say sorry for the earlier telephonic discussion had with you , since I had been not known , so I did not had confidence by seeing the website and personally I did not got any reference from others for the TTT programme , after attending the 3 day session I would be glad to say Thank You for the eye opening session .

It was a wonderful session ,Honestly saying I did not know how the 3 day programme went on , now I have some confidence on the stage and mainly I need to build on the Body language and Voice modulation as you guided me with examples , If I improve on this, I feel will have a better Career and please guide me on right Tips where I need to develop.

I sincerely refer my Friends, Relatives and Colleagues for the session

Once again I Thank You for the wonderfull session which you had conducted.
Prasanna Kumar M

It was one of the best three days of my life with great learning experience. Its my pleasure and proud to get train from Tarun Aahuja sir.

Even if you will ask Google that: Who is the best for TTT program? Google will also first suggest you Mr. Tarun Aahuja :-)

It was totally life changing program for me When I realised that best trainer always explains you HOW in very meaningfull manner! It was really bridging the gape session for me where I could analyse my gape and sir has given the best solution for it. This session is all about how you can make a difference as a trainer! How you can make trainings effective and results oriented!

Sir's every solution was very practical and applicable. The session became turning point of my life.

Its always great to have you sir.

Thank you so much for everything.
Bhavin Shah

The content of the  training was excellent. Each and every aspect of Presentation Skills, Delivery & Probing skills, storytelling, Games management, sales & marketing was spontaneously delivered by Mr. Tarun. How the five days had gone I did not realize. Each of the five days were new to participants particularly for me. Every day with home task, study, presentation, impromptu delivery all was exciting for me. The handbook is like a manual for trainer. The role play, pause, emphasis, rhetoric questions, dramatic climax, emotions which is used by Mr. Tarun was fascinating and mind blowing. I wished If I could record the whole five days program. This is the best training I have ever received. No one can be perfect trainer unless he/she receives T TT from Mr. Tarun Ahuja. However, I wished to join his training once again to master the art of TTT.
Md. Mostafa Kamal AGM-HR Julphar Bangladesh

Mr. Tarun Ahuja turned a content intense course into light yet informative sessions with his unique delivery style & sense of humour. The  modules were well paced for the TTT program and the sessions were highly interactive leading to an energetic & progressive vibe amongst the participants. Overall, the course material & ideas exchanged were refreshing, practical & applicable in everyday work situations, whether you are an in-house corporate trainer or entrepreneur.
Arlinda Costa - Abu Dhabi

The program was highly interactive interspersed with simulations and activities. It was so informal and as each participant was from a different walk of life, discussions and interactions revolved around real life situations and expectations. Examples and reading material suggested will add immense value too when the participants choose training as their career.
P Jaideep Mumbai

It was indeed a fantastic session with the trainer who displayed an outstanding delivery style. His deep knowledge of the subject and experience reflected through his techniques to simplify the content and relate to our everyday life and experience. He was able to tune his conversations with the existing mindset of the candidates and therefore able to convey the content matter in an easy manner which makes him a remarkable trainer. There was a lot of interaction and involvement between the members and the trainer was very approachable and glad to assist with any queries we had. Moreover, the slides, videos, techniques and recommended list of books given to the participants are excellent and will definitely help to refine and sharpen training preparations. At the end of 3 days, I am feeling confident about delivering a full day training.
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