Outbound Training Program


Traditional class room training has certain limitations, especially when it comes to developing life skills such as positive attitude , motivation, team building and leadership. Outbound Learning, by its inherent approach of ‘Learning while Living’, transcends these limitations. Adventure based experiential learning provides scope for self – development that prepares people for the present – day challenges.



Why Peak Outbound Training Programs?

Our programmes are customized as required. WE LISTEN, WE UNDERSTAND,WE DELIVER. Whether you want to bring your company, students of professional colleges / schools or even just some friends and family, we will create a programme tailored to your needs.

Our holistic approach to People Development involves concepts that look to apply the philosophy and practice of Yoga and Vedanta in a modern context .And it’s not just team building and leadership development in the wilderness. Whether it’s sales effectiveness, negotiation skills, effective customer service , employee orientation , campus to corporate or any other concern areas ,we will create a programme to help attain your objectives in most innovative and hi-Impact formats

Our Outbound training gives the employees a chance to learn outside the four walls of the office, in an environment where they can freely participate in team activities in the most 'natural' way. 

We specialize in Experiential Learning based high impact modules in an outdoor environment. For Adventure lovers we have a heady cocktail to choose  from mountaineering, trekking, abseiling, caving, bungee jumping , paragliding, sky driving , river rafting and many more.

We bring to your team  the concept of experiential learning, we at peak performance trainings believe that people  will understand better about organization skills (such as leadership, communication, team building, etc) if they are taught in action oriented way rather than more theoretical/ classroom way of teaching. Thus with years of experience in difficult industries, we help our training participants in accelerating their process of thought in understanding the concept of organizational skills by providing them with our experiential training method. Our outbound training method generally follows cycle containing

  • Experience of the game
  • Reflection of the team
  • Generalization  of the activity and
  • Transfer to working environment
All Peak performance Training programs provide the opportunity to learn,
  • Leadership and team work
  • Decision making
  • Goal setting and problem solving
  • Environmental expertise and protection
  • Reflection and evaluation
  • Confidence and compassion

For a complete outdoor experience, we set up campsites, exclusively for your team, Programs can be done for a single day, over the weekend or it can be customizes to your need.

Our Training Philosophy:

We propel athletes and executives into high achievement and peak performance /Go all in ,be willing with our support to seek and explore the edge , the periphery of your being where your full potential resides, break free of your perceived limitations ,blocks and damaging habits to awaken the giant within, we want you to stretch yourself, there is a power inside of you capable of creating profound personal change and the fulfillment of your greatest goals, together we will draw out the true self, which is likely asleep inside of you. We will challenge and encourage you through this process

With our specialized outbound training programs:

  • Create a learning platform with adventure and games to your custom build outbound training,
  • Experience team building and oneness with your group
  • Have a Blast together and leave talking about the session for weeks.

Feel free to contact us for custom designed outbound training program for you or your company.

Participants have been from the following esteemed organisations: